“We really benefitted from Ebbe’s consultative approach towards business. From day one they took time to find out about Tier 1. Not only how we currently conducted our business, but how we wanted to do so moving forward. This gave us the confidence that the office phone system solution they proposed was the right thing for us now and for the future. We now enjoy being in control of a flexible system that behaves exactly how we want it to and can adapt as we grow. The changeover from the old system was seamless too! All for a fixed monthly Opex cost that made it worthwhile to finish the existing agreement early.’’

Jonathon Rose Managing Director
Tier 1 Asset Management Ltd



Since 1995 Tier 1 have offered a bespoke, totally managed end of life IT solution that covers collection, security, re-marketing and ethical environmental disposal and recycling – all to the stringent ADISA standards. Whilst many large IT users have been acquiring vast amounts of equipment for many years, most have failed to formulate a satisfactory resolution to the management of their aged equipment. Many now rely on Tier 1 to manage this process. As a security focussed company dealing with highly sensitive data, we need to ensure we remain totally accessible to our clients. Our communications policy needs to reflect our main ethos – i.e. maximise a return in value.



The Challenge

We had made do with our aging telephone system for some time here at Tier 1. Reliability was an issue, and with our business growing its limitations became more of a concern. We were still in contract with our existing supplier and with other investments being made within the business, we were concerned about further capital outlay in this area. However, we had a new telesales division planned and we already had a challenge tracking calls with very limited call management data available. There was also a growing need for call recording facilities.


The Solution

It wasn’t until we had a consultation with Ebbe Connecting Business that we realised there was not only a cost effective replacement solution available – but that it would give us so much more and effectively future proof our communications. The solution we chose was the Horizon hosted VoIP system with call recording. This could be rolled out within the business quickly and easily with only a small downtime risk.

Additionally, as Ebbe had proposed it on an operational expense model, there was minimal capital outlay which also meant it was cost effective to terminate the old agreement early.

The Results

We now effectively internally manage our phone system in terms of user set up and call routing behaviours. There is no need to get a costly engineer visit organised to reconfigure it when we have new users, we simply do this ourselves via an easy to use portal. Being administrators of our own system interface also allows us access to call history/statistics, voicemail and recorded calls. We can even set emergency default numbers in case the system fails- giving us, in effect, built in disaster recovery. Thanks to Ebbe’s we have a future proofed, agile phone system perfectly suited to our needs.






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