Telephone Lines & CPS

Business Telephone Lines

Ebbe Connecting Business†can install or take over your business telephone lines to offer reduced call charges, consolidated billing and enhanced customer service unrivalled by Tier 1 providers. As we are a completely independent reseller, no issues of hierarchy or ownership exist in our business so instead of being one customer among millions; you are guaranteed a much more personal service.

Choose Ebbe as your business telephone line provider and benefit not only from industry leading SLAs, but also from your own account manager. Our approach involves a deeper understanding of your business to be able to offer the best and most beneficial calls and lines packages that suit your needs and budget without compromising on quality or reliability.

Benefits of a business telephone line from Ebbe Connecting Business

  • Direct access to an Account Manager and customer service/faults team
  • Competitive rates
  • Your existing lines can easily be transferred
  • We have the same level of access to services and lines as the mainstream providers
  • Smooth lines with no interruptions
  • Add innovative products to create your own bespoke solutions at cost effective prices
  • We offer regular tariff reviews to make sure you are always getting the best rates possible
  • Industry-leading SLAs
  • We work with you to cause minimum disruption to your business
  • In most cases, youíll be able to keep your current number, depending on location and current provider
  • Full range of business grade features: call divert, call waiting, voicemail, anonymous call reject, call barring, withhold number and more

Carrier Pre Selection

What Is Carrier Pre Selection (CPS)?

CPS enables users to choose the telecommunications provider they want without the need for dialing an access code or having equipment installed. There is no downtime when calls are switched to us, and you can keep your existing telephone numbers.

The benefits of CPS

  • Cost savings – significant savings can be made in comparison to some providers
  • Ease of use – there are no extra codes to dial, or installation of extra equipment, or downtime required at your sites
  • Reliable and flexible call routing – CPS offers a more effective and efficient way to route your voice calls

Ebbe uses the Ukís leading carriers of Carrier Pre Selection (CPS) services, meaning our customers always realize the very best call rates at all times. There are considerable cost savings to be made if all calls are passed over our networks, so click here at arrange for a free audit.

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