PBX Telephone Systems

Whether youíre a looking to replace or upgrade an existing PBX telephone system or a new business looking to implement your first communications solution; Ebbe Connecting Business has the experience to help businesses move forward by investing in the right telephony for them.

Our position in the market place and relationships with key suppliers means that we are not tied to any one provider or carrier, so we are able to deliver you with a completely independent and unbiased solution that will meet your business requirements.

Unlike many other telecoms companies, we have kept pace with advancements in telephony and as such are able to offer you traditional solutions along with the most advanced communications currently taking the UK business world by storm. If you are looking for a PBX phone system for your business, then Ebbe can offer you all of your handsets, cables and connections, line interfaces, trunk interfaces, applications and enhanced services, licences and industry standard SLAs.

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