Mobile Device Management

In a world where increasing numbers of people are using smartphones and tablets to access their companyís data, it is more important than ever to keep the data on these devices secure.

Device management solutions from Ebbe Connecting Business are the simple way to let your people work with their smart devices without compromising your companyís security.

They give you a simple yet powerful way to manage many of your smart devices Ė whether supplied to your employees by the company or used as part of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme.

Most of the solutions offered by Ebbe enable you to manage and control your company data yourself utilising easy to use web portals; alternatively Ebbe can provide are full manged service. Which ever option you go for Ebbe will guide you through the deployment process.

You can:

  • Ensure authorised and compliant devices have secure access to business email resources and accounts
  • Protect personal and corporate data and the device as a whole through activation of encryption and enforced password policies
  • Prevent unauthorised use of devices by locking down devices and enforcing restrictions and wiping devices if required
  • Audit devices to see whether they are complying with corporate policies, settings and applications
  • Automate business policies for devices that donít comply
  • Authenticate users and devices using active directories to confirm their identity
  • Track how people are using the devices, for example application downloads, voice, text and data use against predefined thresholds, white or black lists
  • Monitor system access and console use through detailed event logs
  • Set up alerts and automated business rules for specific devices.
  • Generate and automatically distribute reports

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