Business Broadband – FTTC, EFM, ADSL

Ebbe Connecting Business offer true business class internet for SME’s. Whether this is a standard ADSL connection, EFM or FTTC, we have the products to suit how you want to work

A Fibre or FTTC network solution provides a super-fast business broadband connection over Fibre Optic Cable from the Telephone Exchange to the cabinets (green street boxes). The super-fast VDSL technology is then carried at rapid speed from your local street cabinet to your office.

FTTC is great step for businesses that have currently outgrown their business ADSL and are looking for a more scalable, faster and higher bandwidth connectivity solution.

EFM or Ethernet First Mile is one of the most commonly purchased types of leased lines, this is because it is the most cost effective. Unlike a traditional Leased Line, EFM mixes new technology with ‘old world’ copper in the first mile which instantly means lower costs, higher resilience and faster installation times.

Ebbe’s EFM service makes leased lines affordable to all small to medium enterprises whether in town or rurally located, whilst delivering the same quality and SLAs.

ADSL is your standard Internet connection, and the starting point for many small businesses. Business grade ADSL provides a step up from your traditional home solution by offering more resilience, a lower contention ratio and therefore better speeds while ensuring your data connectivity costs remain cost effective.

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